Saturday, April 20, 2013

मेरी व्यथा बिटिया के लिए

मन बहुत उदास है, बिटिया तेरे लिए
कुछ कर नहीं पाई मैं, बिटिया तेरे लिए|

वैसे तो हम दोनों, जन्मी हैं भारत में
जहाँ नारी को देवी मान पूजा जाता है|
देवी पूजन के दिन ही यह क्या हो गया
सर शर्म से भारी हुआ झुका जाता है|

सुरक्षा नहीं बना पाई, बिटिया तेरे लिए
मन बहुत उदास है बिटिया तेरे लिए|

-उषा तनेजा

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adolescence is a new birth, for the higher and more completely human traits are now born.

 I roam into the world of kids and choose the attractions for all kids. Here is an

Smartys Childrens FashionAD BY SMARTYS
We bring an extensive selection of over 1000 garments for girls and boys aged between birth and 16 years to each show. We have an ever-changing range of top quality clothes that follow the season. These are from all the major high street stores and are available to purchase on the evening with savings of up to 50% to 75% of original high street prices. We offer a 28 day full refund policy.


You will be able to raise money by selling tickets to the show - you decide the ticket price - the more sold, the more money you will raise. Organising a raffle along with selling refreshments are always popular ways to increase the income from the evening. You keep the proceeds from all ticket sales, refreshments and raffles etc..
Furthermore as a thankyou for choosing Smartys, we will give you 10% commission on the total amount of sales when achieving £400 or more. This is paid to you on the evening.
Basically all these can really add up to a financially rewarding event and a fantastic night out for all the family.


This is what culture begins with. THE APPARREL.
Kids, too are fashion conscious. So, here is their world.

Halloween Costumes for Girls: Disney Costumes on Sale: Halloween Costumes for Boys
Culture starts with apparrel drsigning

On April 17, 2010, the Houston Symphony League held its CHILDREN + SPRING +    FASHION Show and Brunch at the The Junior League of Houston. Mary Ann McKeithan and Betty Tutor were event chairs.

The event featured a fashion show presented by Neiman Marcus featuring models, escorts and pages donning the latest Spring clothes.  After the show everyone enjoyed brunch and the Houston Symphony had an “instrument petting zoo” for the kids.  Over 200 guests attended this first-time event and the Houston Symphony raised over $30,000.  Based on the overwhelming success, plans are being made to make this an annual event.

Guests included: Jane Clark, Linda Dewhurst, Cora Sue Mach, Lisa McAdams, Penny McAdams, Aimee Snoots, Julie Ann Baker, Donna Shen, Nancy Littlejohn, Gretchen McFarland, Carolyn Mann, Nancy Willerson, Sharon Gaille, April Lykos and Helen Shaffer.
Layla and Savannah Tutor
Layla and Savannah Tutor.
Priscilla Mach
Priscilla Mach.
Matthew Mithoff
Matthew Mithoff.
Eden Kruse
Eden Kruse.
Mary Caroline Burke, Meredith McKeithan Burke, Mary Ann McKeithan, Madison Ann Burke &  Mary Alex Khater
Mary Caroline Burke, Meredith McKeithan Burke, Mary Ann McKeithan, Madison Ann Burke & Mary Alex Khater.
Linda Dewhurst with Naomi, Mary Sophia and Sarah Dewhurst
Linda Dewhurst with Naomi, Mary Sophia and Sarah Dewhurst.
Morgan McAdams and Sarah Snoots
Morgan McAdams and Sarah Snoots.
Isabella Littlejohn
Isabella Littlejohn.
Photos: Dikka Afidick for PWL Studio

Saturday, September 25, 2010


In this blog, we'll discuss all aspects of childhood (2 years - 6 years) like physique; perceptions of figures, shapes, sounds, moods; reactions like smiles, frowns, love, hatred, jealous; learning from experiences, fears; development of attitude, habit of lying, likes and dislikes, innate abilities, learning abilities, introvert or extrovert behaviour; making excuses and much more.
This blog aims at to be a showcase of the accumulated experience of being a close part of childhood for about 20 years. Diurnal interaction and minute study of psychology, behaviour and related progress among children. I'll be grateful to professional doctors, psychologists, counsellors, teachers, mothers, fathers, elder brothers and sisters, everyone interested for their help to bring out the best information through "CULTURE OF CHILDHOOD".
Chapter 1 continues...